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To List Your Sale with Us


To All Irish Road Neighborhood Residents:


The informational flyer distribution date to the neighborhood has been taking place from April 5 through April 7th.  If you have not received one but would like to have a sale, please either pay online (directions below) or feel free to print this downloadable form and get it to me prior to the sales so that your address and description can be included on the maps for our customers.



This page is reserved for those residents of the Irish Road neighborhood to list their sale online.  If you have a paypal account, please follow the directions to list your sale.  You should see your listing posted on the website within 24-48 hours.



Our Goal for Spring 2013: 100




Please be sure to have your advertisement ready to send via email

as soon as payment is made! 


Directions for Online Payment of Registration Fee & Advertisement 


1.  Please open a separate window (so that you can toggle back & forth between screens for clarification) and go to by clicking on this link: 


2.  Enter your email address & Paypal password (or click on the Sign Up link just below the email address & password boxes to create a new account).


3.  Click on the Send Money tab above, and use the following information for input: (is the registration email),


appropriate registration amount (see table below),


USD (is the currency).


Immediately AFTER you send the registration fee, please use your SAME email address that you used for Paypal in order to send me your description.  If your email from Paypal and your email with your rummage sale ad do NOT match, it will be next to impossible for me to know who sent the payment.  You may make changes at any time after this, so long as you ALWAYS have your address in the Subject field.  Please see the table below for appropriate registration fee rates:


 Rummage Sale Description Size

Registration Fee 

     25 Words or Less


     26-30 Words 


     31-35 Words 


     36-40 Words 


     41-45 Words 


     46-50 Words 


     50+ Words


for first 50 Words


for each additional 5 Words



NOTE:  Check out our favorite links page.  If you have your own home business in our area, send me your link as well as a description, and I will upload it for FREE!